Conoscete K&K?

Presto un’ intervista a KIM e al marito fotografo che hanno realizzato questo magnifico progetto il cui 10% viene destinato ad aiutare gli animali…

come potevo non parlare?


#Sława Tchórzewska and her lovely creations

My name is Sława Tchórzewska.
I’m artist from Poland
Some people call me a spatial storyteller, why?
I create niche jewelry, unique full of penetrate emotions, forms and colors.
I feel very good color, and very good I can operate it.
Each of my works tells a different story.
I pay great attention to composition and detail.
I love to mix techniques from goldsmiths, painters to the most advanced ones, which I imagined myself.
Each piece is a story that I want to convey as well as I can.

I graduated the Academy of Fine Arts with a degree in fashion styling – jewelry design.
In my free time I watch the outspoken, the nature, the life on the street, the walks on the shore, but most which inspired me is the music and space around my head.